CONCRETE scanning & coring

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concrete scanning

Concrete scanning is a technique used to evaluate the internal structure of a concrete slab or wall. It is performed using advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology, which sends electromagnetic waves into the concrete and measures the reflection of these waves as they bounce back. This allows technicians to create a detailed image of the concrete’s internal makeup, including any reinforcing steel, post-tension cables, utilities, or other objects that may be embedded within it.

In addition to concrete scanning, Smartscan also offer a mobile concrete cutting service. This involves using specialized equipment to cut precise, circular holes or cores through the concrete, ranging in diameter from 30mm to 350mm and up to 500mm deep. These cores can be used for a variety of purposes, including concrete testing, sample collection, or the installation of new utilities or other objects within the concrete.

To ensure the success of our concrete cutting and scanning services, we bring our own power and water supplies to each job, free of additional charge. And with the use of our advanced locating equipment, we can accurately locate and avoid any potential hazards or unexpected surprises hidden within the concrete slab.

We are able to provide:


Core Drilling for Soil Sampling up to 200m Diameter


Small Cores for Soil Vapour Pin Installations


Road Sawing for Trenching

concrete scanning
concrete scanning and coring
More on Concrete Coring

Concrete coring is a specialised drilling technique used in the construction industry to remove cylindrical samples of concrete from a structure. This process is essential for various applications such as creating openings for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installations, as well as for structural testing to assess the integrity and composition of existing concrete structures. Utilising advanced equipment, concrete coring allows for precise cuts without causing damage to the surrounding areas, ensuring the structural integrity of the material remains intact. It is a critical step in construction and renovation projects, offering insights into the internal condition of concrete components and facilitating necessary modifications or evaluations as part of comprehensive services like those offered by Smart Scan Locators, which specialises in concrete scanning and coring.

We provide concrete coring services for install of vapour pins, hand auger holes, gatic well covers and pavement investigations

Smartscan Advantage – We have a unique mobile coring rig which has the ability to core up to 300mm and to over 1.5m deep! In addition all of our coring staff have NULCA Certification and carry EMI locating equipment.

  • Free hand and ute mounted coring
  • 12mm-250mm core sizes
  • Coring to over 1500mm deep
  • Slurry removal and site clean
  • All auxiliary equipment included