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vacuum trucks

Vacuum trucks, also known as non-destructive digging (NDD) trucks, are specialized vehicles equipped with powerful suction systems and high-capacity tanks that are used to safely and efficiently remove soil, debris, and other materials from various types of surfaces. Our fleet of modern vacuum trucks is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including dual gerni lances, which allow us to halve the time required to complete tasks such as trenching, cleaning, and drill mud removal. Our vacuum trucks have carrying capacities ranging from 6,000 liters to 9,000 liters, and we also have PTO-driven units that are designed to be quieter, making them ideal for night shift work in areas where noise is a concern.

All of our operators are certified by the National Utility Locators Contractors Association and DBYD, ensuring that you have qualified and professional operators handling all of our machinery and vacuum trucks. Our use of modern, industry-leading vacuum trucks allows us to offer maximum efficiency and reliability, ensuring that your project is completed safely and efficiently.

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Road Cleaning


Pipe Jetting / Pit Cleaning


Drill Mud Removal


Waste Disposal

vacuum trucks
vacuum trucks
What is Non-Destructive Digging (NDD)?

Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) is a safe and efficient excavation method that uses vacuum trucks and other specialised equipment to expose and identify underground utilities without causing damage. This technique is essential for projects requiring precise and careful digging.

What are the advantages of using Non-Destructive Digging?

The advantages of using Non-Destructive Digging include:

  • Minimising damage to underground utilities.
  • Reducing the risk of utility strikes and service interruptions.
  • Providing a cleaner and safer work environment.
  • Ensuring precise and accurate excavation.
  • Being environmentally friendly by reducing waste and contamination.
What types of projects can benefit from Non-Destructive Digging?

Non-Destructive Digging is ideal for a variety of projects, including:

  • Utility potholing and identification.
  • Borehole potholing and trenching.
  • Dewatering and mud removal.
  • Utility trenching and installation.
  • Hard surface opening and reinstatement.
How does Smartscan Locators perform Non-Destructive Digging?

At Smartscan Locators, we use advanced vacuum trucks and specialised equipment to perform Non-Destructive Digging. Our services include utility potholing, borehole potholing, dewatering, drill mud removal, utility trenching, support tipper for backfill and remediation, and GSW cartage. We also offer hard surface opening and all-surface reinstatement using various materials.

What are the specific services provided by Smartscan Locators' NDD Potholing Crew?

Our NDD Potholing Crew provides:

  • Vacuum trucks for efficient excavation.
  • Utility potholing for safe and accurate utility exposure.
  • Borehole potholing and trenching for targeted access.
  • Dewatering to maintain dry excavation conditions.
  • Drill mud removal and disposal.
  • Utility trenching using NDD and mechanical methods.
  • Support tipper services for backfill and remediation.
  • GSW cartage for waste transport and disposal.
  • Hard surface opening using saws, core drills, or hammers.
  • Surface reinstatement with hotmix, cold mix, DGB, and sands.
What are the unique advantages of Smartscan Locators' potholing services?

Our potholing services offer unique advantages, including:

  • Dual gurney vac truck for enhanced efficiency and capacity.
  • Combination of excavator and vac truck for effective deep asset potholing.